Thursday, 14 May 2020

Questions for the First Minister and Prime Minister

I haven't heard anyone ask the First Minister or the Prime Minister to explain the alarming differences in COVID-19 fatality rates around the world, so here goes.

Why are the fatality rates from COVID-19 in Scotland and the UK so much higher than in other comparable countries around the world?

Now a quick visit to the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine throws up some very interesting figures which suggest that, in relative terms, both Scotland and the UK as a whole are doing poorly in the battle to prevent people from dying from COVID-19 (see post below dated 20 April 2020).

See for yourself via the link below, but the evidence  shows that a wide range of countries (some larger others smaller) put Scotland and the UK to shame when it comes to saving the lives of citizens infected with  Coronavirus.

Here are just a few examples: Greece, Slovakia, America and Iran.

Johns Hopkins:


Questions for the First Minister and Prime Minister (13/05/20)

Here are some more topical Coronavirus questions I would like to put to the First Minister and Prime Minister.

Question 1. 
Should I call the police if a cyclist or jogger shoots past me in Glasgow Green, breathing very heavily and failing to observe the 2 metre 'social distancing' rule?
(NB this happens frequently and is not an isolated occurrence)

Question 2
What can the police do since the culprits are likely to be halfway to Dalmarnock or Partick by the time any officers arrive?

Question 3 
Wouldn't it be more sensible all round if the people engaged in these cycling and jogging activities were required to wear face masks to help prevent the spread of the virus?

I did send my previous question (see post below) to both the First Minister and Prime Minister, so I'll let readers  know if I get a reply.


Questions for the First Minister/Prime Minister (11/05/20)

I doubt I will ever get the chance to ask the First Minister or Prime Minister a question about Coronavirus, but if I did here's what I would ask Nicola and Boris.

"Why is a store like B&Q allowed to open while Currys/PC World is forced to remain closed?" 

Now I visited our local B&Q last week to buy some paint, plants, compost and whatnot.

I have to say I felt perfectly safe, just as safe as I do on the regular visits to our local supermarket because everyone practiced social distancing, including the staff also wore visors.  

More FMQs/PMQs to follow in the days ahead - maybe I'll email them into Nicola and Boris to increase my chances of getting an answer.