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"Remember to Live and Let Live"

A great song from the galaxy of stars who came together to form The Travelling Wilburys - 'End Of The Line', in memory of their late great friend, Roy Orbison.  

Shameless Sturgeon - Look Forward Not Back!

Nicola Sturgeon insists the Scottish government didn’t take a ‘softly softly’ approach to Scotland fans who gathered and travelled to London for the Euros game against England. Follow the latest - — BBC Scotland News (@BBCScotlandNews) June 29, 2021 A shameless performance by Sturgeon who falsely claims her government has behaved consistently towards Scottish football fans during the Covid crisis. The Euro finals approach has been like chalk and cheese compared to the threats and 'throw the book at them' language used towards Rangers, Celtic and Aberdeen. Predictably, the FM now wants to look forwards 'to the light' and not back into the idiotic behaviour of thousands of fans in London before and after the England Scotland match.      Scottish Ministers - Talking Tough vs Weasel Words ( June 29, 2021 ) Scottish Ministers have threatened to 'throw the book' at Scottish football clubs, players and fans over a var

Friends and Neighbours

I watched the second half of the England vs Germany in the pub last night. Some fellow watchers were disappointed at the result which surprised me because most of Scotland's national team live and work in England - and the hostility is certainly not mutual.  My two children were born in London, I lived and worked there throughout the 1980s and have great friends all over England whom I see regularly. So I just don't get this anti-English nonsense that fuels some of my fellow Scots.        Ugly Face of Scottish Nationalism ( June 18, 2021 ) The Scottish team deserve better than this hateful, obnoxious behaviour - the Scotland manager Steve Clarke  has spent most of his career as a professional coach living and working in England.          

First Minister of Silly Antics

seems to have gone well yesterday relaxed very relaxed 👇 👇 — ronniemcgowan (@roketronnie) June 30, 2021 "Now where did I leave that poker?", was my first reaction. Another thought that struck me is why travel for an audience with the Queen - was this really 'essential business' or just another silly photo opportunity?     First Minister of Silly Antics ( June 28, 2021 )   The business of polishing Nicola Sturgeon's image is a 24/7 operation - I wonder what silly antics we can look forward to ahead of tomorrow's England v Scotland match?   Messiah Complex - Me, Me, Me, Me Me! ( June 16, 2021 )   Nicola Sturgeon seems to think these big sporting events are about her, the Scottish Government and/or the SNP. Mind you what another stroke of good fortune to have a snapper on hand to capture the moment for posterity!     Lucky Snaps ( June 15, 2021 ) How fortunate there was a photographer passing at just the the right time to capture th

Violence and Misogyny

The trans community is so fixated on radicalism that very few take a step back and understand how this looks to the world outside their tight-knit circles. Sure, “Kill JK Rowling” might get you hugs and jazz hands in your queer bubble, but to everyone else it’s demented. — Rose of Dawn (@Rose_Of_Dawn) June 29, 2021 Rose of Dawn with a timely tweet about the recent violence and misogyny from out-of-control trans activists.