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Glasgow, FoI and Equal Pay

A reader  shares my scepticism that the Improvement Service will turn Glasgow City Council into a world leader when it comes to 'openness and transparency'.  Improvement Service!!!! more time and money getting wasted.  GCC top earners are getting big bucks and paying other bodies to do their jobs. With our money.  Glasgow city jokers! A I mean to say the City Council can't even answer a simple freedom of information request efficiently and having pointed out the obvious inadequacies of their initial response, senior officials now seem intent on taking another 28 days to answer my FoI Review Request. GCC has a maximum of 28 days to respond under Scotland's FoI legislation, but while the issues involved in this case are crystal clear council officials seem intent on dragging things out for as long as possible.      Glasgow, FoI and Equal Pay (24/11/17) Here's an FoI Review request I've submitted to Glasgow City Council which I have raised

A4ES - Track Record of Success

Stefan Cross QC explains Action 4 Equality Scotland's long track record of success and some of the issues that A4ES took up that were ignored by the trade unions including:  Challenging Glasgow's £9,000 compensation cap and the WPBR The ability for equal pay settlements to be made on a pensionable basis Claims from former APT&C staff and groups such as Admin and Clerical workers Cases brought on behalf of non-bonus earning male groups such as School Janitors and Social Work Drivers.      Glasgow's WPBR and JES (24/11/17) Stefan Cross QC explains the significance of the Court of Session's decision in relation to Pay Protection - before going on to consider the impact on Glasgow's WPBR pay and job evaluation scheme (JES).     Glasgow's Lawbreakers (15/11/17) Stefan Cross QC explains how Glasgow City Council, Scotland's largest and best resourced local council, has broken the law in relation to equal pay.