Thursday, 21 May 2020

Scotland's First Covid-19 Outbreak

The Daily Record published an excellent timeline which explains how Scotland's first known Covid-19 outbreak back in February 2020 sits in the battle to stop the virus spreading 

Read the full article by Andy Philip via the link below.

Here’s how the Nike conference fits into the coronavirus timeline in Scotland:

  1. February 26-27

    Nike holds its conference at the Hilton on North Bridge, Edinburgh. Seventy people attend.
  2. March 1

    First positive case of Covid-19 confirmed in the Tayside region of Scotland.
  3. March 2

    Health Protection Scotland alerted by international authorities about one person, not from the UK, who tested positive after attending the conference. The public is not informed.
  4. March 3

    One person in Scotland connected to the event tests positive. Scottish Government ministers are informed that evening.
  5. March 4

    The Scottish Government confirms two positive cases in a public notice which does not refer to the conference or Edinburgh.
  6. March 8

    Thousands of Scottish and French rugby fans gather at Murrayfield stadium for a sell-out Six Nations game in Edinburgh.
  7. March 11

    The World Health Organisation declares a global pandemic. The first case in Scotland of community transmission unrelated to contact or travel is identified.
  8. March 13

    First confirmed death of a patient in Scotland with Covid-19.
  9. March 15

    Nicola Sturgeon advises organisers to cancel or postpone events of 500 people or more.
  10. March 24

    First day of “lockdown” in the UK.
  11. May 11

    The BBC reveals publicly for the first time how the virus was transmitted at the Edinburgh conference.
  12. May 17

    New claims that staff at a kilt hire shop fitted 10 delegates, including a women who became ill, were not warned.
    It was also claimed a digital marketing business in Glasgow that shares space with Nike were not told about the link.
  13. May 19

    Fresh claims delegates were split into three groups and taken on walking tours of the Old Town. No one from the tour company was traced for testing, although none became ill.
    It was claimed by Sky News that delegates performed a “Nike haka” in the lobby of the hotel.
    It’s reported that 20 Lloyds Banking Group employees who shared facilities with Nike were not traced.