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PayFest and Oor Ziggy (03/07/19)

I said on the blog the other day that we are planning an 'Oor Wullie' bucket collection at Saturday's PayFest Party - in support of the fundraising campaign for Scotland's Sick Childrens' Hospitals. 

The Barrowland staff will be in charge of the collection and the aim is to make a 'bid' for the David Bowie inspired 'Oor Ziggy' statue which is located (at the moment) at the corner of the Gallowgate and Bain Street, just a stone's throw away from Barrowland itself. 

David Bowie played at The Barrowlands on 22 July 1997 and legend has it that Bowie caught one of the ballroom's stars as it fell from the ceiling, took this away as a memento after the gig, and gave the star pride of place in his Paris apartment. 

Is this be spot at the Barrowlands in Glasgow where David Bowie had a brush with a Glasgow star ? 0820

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The Oor Ziggy statue, along with all the others, is due to be auctioned off at the end of September and all proceeds from the auction (including the unsuccessful bids) will go towards the Sick Childrens' Hospitals appeal.
The Barrowland, St. Luke’s and BAaD (Barras Art and Design) will use the money raised at PayFest and other events to bid for Oor Ziggy and if successful, the statue will be moved to the Barrowland Park which is just along the road between Gallowgate and London Road.

So it's all for a great cause and with the help of PayFest partygoers 'Oor Ziggy' might just find a permanent home in the east end of Glasgow to remind local people and visitors to Glasgow of a much loved and sorely missed musician.

I certainly hope so.


PayFest and Oor Wullie 

Lots of Glaswegians will have noticed that there are dozens of Our Wullie statues dotted all over city - each with its own theme or inspiration including David Bowie and Charles Rennie Mackintosh, for example.

The collection of statues is in support of the “Oor Wullie’s Big Bucket Trail” (OWBBT) appeal which is raising much needed funds for Scotland’s Sick Childrens’ Hospitals.

The Barrowlands is sponsoring this appeal along with other local business in the east end including St. Luke’s and BAaD (Barras Art and Design).

One of the statues (Oor Ziggy) has been placed at the corner of the Gallowgate and Bain Street, just a stone's throw from the Barrowland Ballroom itself.

More news to follow soon, but I've agreed to support this appeal by having a bucket collection at Glasgow's PayFest Party on Saturday.