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Prominent Positions and SNP Bampots

Nicola Sturgeon slams conspiracy views of SNP conference host — Paul Hutcheon (@paulhutcheon) November 30, 2020 Nicola Sturgeon displays admirable ruthlessness in throwing SNP bampots under the bus. But the real question is how do these people rise to such prominent positions in the SNP in the first place?  Follow the link to the Daily Record to read Paul Hutcheon's full piece on the anti-vaccine row at the SNP conference.       No One Resigns Anymore  (12/10/20) So Margaret Ferrier has spoken and the SNP MP insists that she will not be standing down  as the Member of Parliament for Rutherglen and Hamilton West . I can't say I'm surprised because Margaret is just following in the footsteps of other powerful SNP politicians including:   1) Derek Mackay  - the 43 year old former SNP finance minister who was forced to resign after sending a 16 year old boy a series of unsolicited text messages 2) John Swinney  - Nicola Sturgeon's deputy and educatio

Football vs The Angry Mob

The people protesting outside Celtic Park can’t call themselves Celtic fans. True Celtic fans wouldn’t be singing despicable songs about a man who has given the club the service Neil Lennon has. They are a disgrace. Self entitled arses. — Chris Sutton (@chris_sutton73) November 29, 2020 Chris Sutton spoke for the vast majority of Celtic fans when he condemned the behaviour of the angry mob who vented their spleen outside Parkhead on Sunday afternoon. Sadly, the truth is that without a significant police presence these morons would have forced entry into the stadium to intimidate, harass and generally 'get in the faces' of players and staff - at their place of work. So well said Chris Sutton because while I'm all in favour of people making their voices heard this kind of behaviour is over the top and completely unacceptable.     Glasgow - Every Picture Tells A Story (24/06/20) I'm no expert on the claims and counter claims between Police Scotland and the Green Brigade. B