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SNP and Self-ID - Sex, Gender and Age

I identify as a 67yr old. I demand my pension now. — Katy (@Katy57939742) August 30, 2021 So if Scottish Ministers believe people should now be able to self-select their own gender at will, why not extend this practice to other important issues such as a person's age, for example?       

Where's Humza?

Scottish A&E waiting times hit record low for third week running — Tom Gordon (@HTScotPol) August 31, 2021 Is Scotland's health minister still self-isolating on a voluntary basis - even though there’s no requirement for him to do so?      


Many thanks for this, ladies. — Brian Spabla (@BrianSpanner1) August 31, 2021 #WomenWontWheesht - nor should they!        

New Green Jobs Created

If a job's title leaves you scratching your head as to what it's all about, chances are the job is completely made up, as in the case of Scotland's two new Green ministers who are paid salaries of £94,821 a year - plus pension benefits.  How did the Scottish government manage these areas prior to creating two new ministerial posts?  Well they were carried out by other ministers, of course, whose salaries stay the same - even though they no longer have responsibility for the Circular Economy, for example.      

Over Promising and Under Delivering

Women’s health minister Maree Todd has pledged to make Scotland a world leader in women’s health but women in her own constituency say they’ve faced travelling up to 400 miles to give birth because of inadequate local NHS maternity provision — Jason Allardyce (@SundayTimesSco) August 29, 2021 No sooner is one grandiose SNP claim about Scotland being a 'world leader' in health debunked by reality - than along comes Greta Thundberg to rain on the parade in relation to COP26. Scotland is not a world leader on climate change, claims Greta Thunberg — Tom Gordon (@HTScotPol) August 31, 2021        

ScotGov - More Ministers, More Spinners, Fewer Results

  The new 'improved' SNP/Green Scottish government has more highly paid ministers and spin doctors than ever, but is woefully short on results.       

Glasgow, Equal Pay and 'The Twelfth of Never'

If Glasgow City Council succeeds in kicking equal pay into the long grass, beyond next year's local council elections in May 2022, the claimants are likely to wait until the 'twelfth of never' for their claims to be settled. So the next nine months are crucial, in my view.        

Glasgow's Fight For Equal Pay

Back in 2018 I responded point-by-point to a letter from Annemarie O'Donnell (AOD) to the Glasgow 'Council Family'. I've decided to do this again given the latest breakdown in equal pay settlement negotiations. AOD Letter "I want to give you an update about the council's commitment to resolving equal pay claims." MY COMMENT I'VE BEEN STUNG INTO WRITING THIS LETTER BECAUSE MARK IRVINE MADE SUCH FUN OF THE COUNCIL ON HIS BLOG "You may recall from previous communications that agreement was reached with all parties involved on how to settle equal pay claims up to 2018. Payments to claimants were made following approval of the funding at the City Administration Committee in February 2019." IN 2019 THE COUNCIL ACCEPTED THE WPBR WAS 'UNFIT FOR PURPOSE' WHICH IS WHY IT PAID OUT £500 MILLION IN PARTIAL SETTLEMENT CLAIMS - WHAT'S CHANGED? "Some claimants were also due payments towards pensions and the calculations and settlements for p

"Do You Believe Women Can Have Penises?" (2)

30-50 supporters turned up to protect the shop.😏 Over 400 other supporters visited the store that day to show support.🤝 There were only 12 counter protestors 🤡 — Biology Rules Ok (@OkBiology) August 9, 2021 Don Sucher a shop owner in the state of Washington put a sign in his store disagreeing with those in the trans lobby who believe women can have penises.   Cue outrage from a local politician (Tiesa Meskis formerly known as Nathan Kennedy)  who identifies as a transgender woman.    

"Do You Believe Women Can Have Penises?" (1)

"Do you believe women can have penises?" It's a very straightforward question, but answer came there none!