Wednesday, 20 May 2020

'President Plump'

#PresidentPlump is trending on Twitter after Speaker Nancy Pelosi, highlighted the all too obvious fact that America's commander-in-chief is morbidly obese.

Now ordinarily I wouldn't make fun of people's weight, body size or how they look, but Donald Trump does it all the time.

So what the hell - no one more throughly deserves a taste of their own medicine. 


Trump's No Oil Painting (17/10/18)

Donald Trump is definitely no 'oil painting' yet the ghastly old groper-in-chief seems to think he has a free pass to comment on how other people look, especially women who have stood up to him in some way.

The latest example is his description of the adult film actress Stormy Daniels as 'Horseface' yet this is a woman with whom he had an affair (shortly after Melania Trump had given birth) and who made fun of his toadstool 'winkie'. 


Trump's No Oil Painting (01/07/17)

Here's a photograph of TV journalist Mika Brezezinski during her visit to Mar-a-Lago at the New Year.

In one of his unhinged Twitter tirades Donald Trump claimed that Mika was "bleeding badly from a face-lift" which is patently not true, as any impartial or reasoned observer can see.

Now Donald Trump is no oil painting himself, yet he seems think that he's free to comment on how other people look, especially women who wouldn't give this pussy-grabbing, cranky, old misogynist a second glance.