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New Year Resolution

My NewYear Resolution for 2017 is to hold Glasgow City Council to account over equal pay - a big challenge to be sure, but one that is perfectly achievable if we can mobilise support from the thousands of Glaswegians with outstanding claims. Much more to follow in the days ahead, but regular readers can help by spreading the word amongst friends and co-workers.  In the meantime have a safe and very Happy New Year!     Calling Glasgow I've said many times on the blog site that the fight for equal pay is not a 'spectator sport'. And this is another gentle reminder to readers in Glasgow to help build up a network of local campaigners by following me on Twitter    Because people who follow me on Twitter will automatically receive posts to the blog which they can Share and help spread the word to friends and work colleagues. Retweeting and sharing posts will also help in getting a strong campaign message across to Glasgow City Council in 2017. If

Trump's America

Lots of Donald Trump's supporters are successful, intelligent and often people, but a significant number are lumpen 'hillbillies' like this chap who believes that Barack Obama played a big part in the 9/11 terror attacks on America in 2001.   Now that was fully seven years before Barack Obama won   his first presidential election in 2008, but why let the facts get in the way of a good story, as the saying goes. But that's the state of American politics these days where ugly lies and fake 'news' stories are all 'grist to the mill' of Trump's right wing supporters who have taken over the Republican Party.   Ape in Heels (14/12/116) Donald Trump is seldom away from Twitter as everyone knows (to coin a favourite phrase), but I've yet to hear him call out one of his own supporters who described Michelle Obama, as an ' ape in heels'. Now there is no doubt that these words from a public official amount to ugly, unaccept

Good Joke

I can see why the city's officials would want the sign removed, but it's still a great joke and I take my hat off to the pranksters who put this plaque on a public bench within sight of Edinburgh Castle.  Serves the old duffers of Muirfield right for their golf club to be ridiculed in such a way.     Golf club ban plaque removed from Edinburgh bench BBC  Edinburgh, Fife & East Scotland A rogue plaque fitted to an Edinburgh bench excluding members of a golf club from sitting on it has been removed by the council. The sign on the Princes Street bench said it was fitted on behalf of the "female population of Edinburgh". Muirfield Golf Club in Gullane in East Lothian, decided against allowing women to become members last summer. The vote returned just short of the two-thirds majority needed to change its constitution. A City of Edinburgh Council spokeswoman said: "This is a presentation seat that was donated to the city and has an existing dedication. &qu