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Glasgow - Joke of the Year

Readers in Glasgow seem to share my scepticism at the City Council's hilarious response to my recent FOI request.  If senior officials are to be believed, a faulty air conditioning unit has apparently defeated Glasgow's IT system and not just that because Scotland's largest council appears to have no back-up system in place to safeguard official documents and official records. I will, of course, be submitting an FOI Review Request in the days ahead, but in the meantime Glasgow City Council wins my award for the Best Joke of 2017. Air con failure hahaha best joke ever!! M Thats like me telling the teacher the dog ate my homework.....they are having a laugh......or do they think we arw buttoned up the back. GCC need to get their act together P Typical council stalling tactics again anything to keep it going ....come on gcc get paying and stop pissing about you would be on our case if we owed you pay up for workers as we have to pay up for glasgow wit a jok

Unlikely Hero

In the absence of any effective leadership from Jeremy Corbyn and his merry band of leftist ideologues, Labour's Andrew Adonis has stepped into the breach over Brexit.  Now Adonis may be an unlikely hero, but if the result of the 2016 EU referendum had gone the other way those opposed to the European Union would have instigated another 'Leave' campaign the very next day. So there is nothing sacrosanct about the result, particularly as no one voted for the mess that is now ensuing over  the UK's future trading links with the largest 'common market' in the world.  Read what John Rentoul has to say via the link below to The Independent. Andrew Adonis’s resignation means the fight against Brexit may be turning into a campaign to rejoin the EU The former minister’s tirade against Theresa May could mark the turning point in the campaign to stay