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Joe Biden - "Will You Shut Up, Man"

Donald Trump's boorish performance in the first presidential debate lives up to the old saying - 'empty vessels make the most noise'. But the CPD (Commission on Presidential Commission) has announced that they will cut off his microphone if the big oaf behaves this way again, echoing Joe Biden's best comment from the first debate - "Will You Shut Up, Man".      Presidential debate: Rules to change after Trump-Biden spat 1 hour ago Share this with Facebook   Share this with Messenger   Share this with Twitter   Share this with Em Related Topics US election 2020 Image copyright GETTY IMAGES Image caption TV ratings show far fewer people watched the debate than expected The commission that oversees US presidential debates says it will change the format to ensure the remaining two encounters between Donald Trump and Joe Biden are more orderly. One new measure could be to cut the microphones if the candidates try to interrupt each other, US media report. The announ

Scotland's 'Pretendy' Parliament?

  The political establishment in Scotland is now dominated by the Scottish National Party (SNP): The First Minister of the Scottish government, Nicola Sturgeon, is the leader of the SNP The First Minister appoints all other Scottish government ministers and wields considerable executive power The First Minister's husband, Peter Murrell, is the Chief Executive of the SNP and has been for 20 years The Chair of the Scottish Parliament's inquiry into the Alex Salmond affair (Linda Fabiani) is Deputy Presiding Officer and an SNP MSP A key figure in the Scottish Parliament's inquiry into the Alex Salmond affair is himself a former First Minister and leader of the SNP So if Scotland's political establishment succeeds in obstructing what was originally intended to be an open and transparent inquiry into the Alex Salmond affair, Holyrood will deserve to become known as a ‘pretendy’ Parliament. Maybe it would be better to have a judge led inquiry aided and abetted, where necessar