Saturday, 23 May 2020

Masks On vs Masks Off

I watched yesterday's press briefing on Coronavirus led by the first minister who had Scotland's chief constable, Ian Livingstone, and national clinical director, Jason Leitch by her side.

All three kept emphasising the need for everyone to maintain social distancing and to remain on high alert because of the ease with which the virus is spread. 

But no one addressed the ongoing reluctance, both north and south of the border, to insist that face masks be worn when social distancing is difficult or impossible.

Now this seems ridiculous and dangerous if you ask me, especially when there is ample evidence that lots of people have the virus without displaying symptoms of any kind.


Questions for the First Minister and Prime Minister (21/05/20)

More and more countries across the world are introducing new rules about wearing face masks to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, so here's the question I would put to both the First Minister and Prime Minster.

Face masks provide an obvious and vital extra layer of protection, in addition to social distancing and regular hand washing, in the battle to stop the spread of Covid-19.

So why are the Scottish and UK Governments reluctant to make the wearing of face masks compulsory in public spaces where staying 2 metres (6 feet) apart is difficult or impossible to achieve?

Face masks help prevent the spread of Co-vid-19


Questions for the First Minister and Prime Minister (14/05/20)

I haven't heard anyone ask the First Minister or the Prime Minister to explain the alarming differences in COVID-19 fatality rates around the world, so here goes.

Why are the fatality rates from COVID-19 in Scotland and the UK so much higher than in other comparable countries around the world?

Now a quick visit to the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine throws up some very interesting figures which suggest that, in relative terms, both Scotland and the UK as a whole are doing poorly in the battle to prevent people from dying from COVID-19 (see post below dated 20 April 2020).

See for yourself via the link below, but the evidence  shows that a wide range of countries (some larger others smaller) put Scotland and the UK to shame when it comes to saving the lives of citizens infected with  Coronavirus.

Here are just a few examples: Greece, Slovakia, America and Iran.

Johns Hopkins:


Questions for the First Minister and Prime Minister (13/05/20)

Here are some more topical Coronavirus questions I would like to put to the First Minister and Prime Minister.

Question 1. 
Should I call the police if a cyclist or jogger shoots past me in Glasgow Green, breathing very heavily and failing to observe the 2 metre 'social distancing' rule?
(NB this happens frequently and is not an isolated occurrence)

Question 2
What can the police do since the culprits are likely to be halfway to Dalmarnock or Partick by the time any officers arrive?

Question 3 
Wouldn't it be more sensible all round if the people engaged in these cycling and jogging activities were required to wear face masks to help prevent the spread of the virus?

I did send my previous question (see post below) to both the First Minister and Prime Minister, so I'll let readers  know if I get a reply.


Questions for the First Minister/Prime Minister (11/05/20)

I doubt I will ever get the chance to ask the First Minister or Prime Minister a question about Coronavirus, but if I did here's what I would ask Nicola and Boris.

"Why is a store like B&Q allowed to open while Currys/PC World is forced to remain closed?" 

Now I visited our local B&Q last week to buy some paint, plants, compost and whatnot.

I have to say I felt perfectly safe, just as safe as I do on the regular visits to our local supermarket because everyone practiced social distancing, including the staff also wore visors.  

More FMQs/PMQs to follow in the days ahead - maybe I'll email them into Nicola and Boris to increase my chances of getting an answer.