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Coming Soon - The Story of Glasgow's Fight for Equal Pay

I said several weeks ago that I was writing up the story of the long fight for equal pay in Glasgow City Council. Well the good news is that I have finished and the post is just about ready to go - and tomorrow (May Day) is probably as day to publish as any. Now it's quite a long read because the fight for equal pay is one Glasgow's biggest stories ever  and, uniquely, my account is backed up by lots of contemporaneous posts from my blog.  In other words it's as good an historical record as you'll get anywhere, even though I say so myself. So do let me know what you think.    

In Loving Memory - Glasgow's Fight for Equal Pay

163 Equal Pay Claimants passed away during the long fight for equal pay with Glasgow City Council, many of them at a young age. As a mark of respect, their council colleagues  decided to  raise money for a Memorial Bench which will be permanently located in George Square facing Glasgow City Chambers.  A brass plaque has been fitted to the bench along  with  the following message: In Loving Memory  of the 163 Claimants who passed away  during the long fight for equal pay with  Glasgow City Council January 2007 - May 2019 The Memorial Bench will be unveiled at 10am on Friday 3 May 2019. The event is being organised by the council colleagues of those who have passed away while waiting for their equal pay claims to be settled - the families of these  individuals  have been invited to attend as well. A photo-call has been arranged for Friday 3 May at 10 am outside the City Chambers - all welcome.     In Loving Memory (24/10/18) One of

PayFest 2019 - Glasgow's Big EquaL Pay Party

I have a meeting with Unison and the GMB later this week to discuss arrangements for PayFest 2019 - Glasgow's big equal pay party - which is taking place on Saturday 6th July 2019. Lots of issues still have to be resolved including:  'PayFest' Piper Should we have a PayFest Piper to welcome the partygoers on the night? Spirit of the Strike Can we organise for some of the Claimants to be in costume at the start of the evening - to set the scene and recapture the great spirit of Glasgow's historic equal pay strike? Social Media Wall We can arrange to have a 'Social Media Wall' on one side of The Barrowland showing images of Glasgow's long-running dispute - images of the rallies, strike days and so on. Photbooth Likewise we can arrange to have a 'Photobooth' in place on the night so that the Partygoers can take fun-filled pictures of themselves and their guests - a good idea? Payfest 2019 Video One suggestion is to have a live video of proceedings w