Thursday, 28 May 2020

Gone Fishin'

Glasgow's 'essential' fisherman will be overjoyed to hear the news later today if the Scottish Government confirms, as expected, that golfing and fishing can resume so long as devotees observe safe social distancing.

I doubt this will make any difference to the chaps along at Riverside East who have been fishing right under the noses of Police Scotland ever since lockdown began on Tuesday 24 March 2020.


Glasgow's 'Essential' Fishermen (30/04/20)

Here's a group of four 'youngish' Glasgow men on the banks of the River Clyde just a stone' throw from Police Scotland's headquarters at Riverside East.

I'm sure under questioning from Scotland's finest these four would insist they are essential workers although at  the time I have to admit there was a surprising absence of fishing gear.


Spoiling A Good Walk (19/05/20)

While the Scottish Government ponders how and when to start releasing us all from lockdown the Daily Record reports that some citizens are already voting with their feet. 

And it's not just on the golf course, of course, because there are large numbers of 'non-family groups' visibly not observing social distancing, yet they're out enjoying the fresh air on Glasgow Green every day of the week.

Golfers spotted flouting lockdown on Scots course near coronavirus testing centre

Golfers flouted lockdown rules at the weekend by playing a round at a leisure club where a mobile testing centre for Covid-19 has been set up.

Players were spotted on the greens at Xcite in Bathgate, West Lothian, days after the Army started providing tests for key workers who are ­self-isolating.