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First Minister and Equal Pay

Glasgow City Council keeps claiming to have little or no working knowledge about its controversial Employee Development Commitment (EDC) scheme which gave former bonus earning jobs a guarantee about their future earnings. But just look at the document below which is a Glasgow  City Council Progress Report on the EDC dated 13 February 2017. Not only does this GCC official document identity EDC beneficiaries by their different  council departments, the table also explains the way in which former bonus earnings will be maintained. The point being that if such a document exists to explain the Council's EDC position as at February 2007 there must be a letter version and other documents which explain how the men's pay was affected. Now council officials claim that finding this information is a Herculean and highly expensive task exercise which is a whole load of bollix if you ask me. Which is why the Council leadership and the First Minister should send in people who know

Fishy Pishygate

Paul Hutcheon broke a great story in The Herald the other day involving a full-time Unison union official who claims to have been granted permission to campaign for one of the contenders in the Scottish Labour leadership election - while signed off on paid sick leave. Now this sounds more than a bit odd to me because why would someone be fit enough to campaign in a high profile political election, yet be signed off from their day job until the middle of October? I wonder if Mr Low would have been granted such largesse had he requested to work on Anas Sarwar's behalf whilst on paid sick leave and what  if he had suggested doing some political campaigning for the SNP? Now the trade unions have no business operating as the industrial wing of the Labour Party in Scotland, never mind taking sides in an internal election, but not everyone agrees on that score, as the the disastrous Unite dispute at Grangemouth demonstrated only too well.