Friday, 15 May 2020

'Patient Confidentiality', My Arse

The Scottish Government is getting a hard time over its 'patient confidentiality' defence a Coronavirus outbreak in Edinburgh back in February 2020.

Quite right too, if you ask me because there's an enormous  difference between reporting such information anonymously and releasing people's personal details.

Now I don't know about a 'cover-up', but I would say that SNP politicians are as bad as anyone else when it comes to freedom of information (FoI).

For example, my personal experience of FoI and SNP led Glasgow City Council is really no different to the the days when Scotland's largest council was Labour controlled.


Nicola Sturgeon denies claims of 'cover-up' over Edinburgh Covid-19 outbreak

By Alistair Grant - The Herald

Nicola Sturgeon denies claims of 'cover-up' over Edinburgh Covid-19 outbreak

NICOLA Sturgeon has dismissed claims she covered up a coronavirus outbreak in February as "complete and utter nonsense".

The First Minister said the incident at a conference for the sportswear brand Nike was kept from the public partly because of patient confidentiality.

But she insisted all appropriate steps were taken to protect public health and confirmed cases were included in official figures.

Scotland's first confirmed coronavirus case was in Tayside on March 1.

However the BBC reported an earlier outbreak hit a Nike conference at Edinburgh's Hilton Carlton Hotel on February 26 and 27.