Sunday, 17 May 2020

Glasgow's Local Heroes

Since lockdown began we have been keeping in regular touch with Marian's older brother, who lives on his own now on the south side of Glasgow, by taking him some home cooked food.

We tend to walk there and back (probably against the lockdown 'rules', but en route one day we came across this great local butcher shop - 'The Country Shop' - which has remained open since lockdown began back in March.

The Country shop (225 Clarkston Road, G44 3DS) sells everything you would expect from a traditional butcher and also has a wide range of tasty pies, brides, potato scones etc etc - including what they claim to be the best Scotch Pie in Glasgow.

The folks running fantastic local business like The Country Shop are 'local heroes' if you ask me - just where would we have been without them for all these weeks?

By the way, The Country Shop is not exaggerating about their Scotch Pies - they are great! 


Not Just Any Scotch Pie! (16/05/20)

Well, the judges scores are back and I'm pleased to report that this Scotch Pie has lived up to expectations.

Tomorrow I will reveal where you can find this humble, yet delicious delicacy.


Not Just Any Scotch Pie! (06/05/20)

Now this is not just any Scotch Pie - apparently this is the best Scotch Pie to be found anywhere in Glasgow.

A bold claim if you ask me, but I shall report back on my findings soon.