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Questions and Answers

I said I would provide a more detailed explanation on this business of calculating the length of an equal pay claim. 1) The settlement period starts from January 2007 because this is the year when the WPBR was originally introduced - so no one can go back beyond January 2007. 2) The end date of the settlement period has still to be agreed with Glasgow City Council, but this will be somewhere between 31 March 2017 to 31 March 2018. 3) Claims already registered in January 2007 continued to 'add on' time going forward until the agreed settlement date,  so long as the claimants remained employed with Glasgow City Council. 4) If a claimant left the Council's before the agreed settlement date, their claim goes up to the last day of their employment with GCC. 5) If a claim was registered after January 2007, the claim can jump back in time for a maximum of 5 years - assuming the claimant had 5 years service at the time. 6) For example, a claim registered in January 20

People Make Glasgow - Frances Stojilkovic

I've just nominated Frances Stojilkovic for the 'Scotswoman of the Year 2018' award which is being organised by the  Evening  Times in association with the St. Enoch Centre. Here's what I said about Frances in support of my nomination along with an internet link explaining the background to this annual event. More details to follow soon and the very best of luck Frances who has played such a huge role in her local community and, of course, in Glasgow's long fight for equal pay. Because becoming 'Scotswoman of the Year 2018' would knock an OBE, MBE or even a CBE into a cocked hat any day of the week - well i n my book anyway!    Frances Stojilkovic - Scotswoman of the Year 2018 I would like to nominate Glasgow’s Frances Stojilkovic as ‘Scotswoman of the Year 2018’ because she is an inspiring, irrepressible role model for women of all ages. Frances is one of Glasgow’s 2,500 Hom

Hypocrisy Over Public Sector Pay

I've had lost of comments on my post about the Scottish Government's hypocrisy over public sector pay, but the one that follows sums things up rather well of you ask me. Bread n milk is the same price for us all bloody shocking F Now I think I'll share this particular post with Glasgow's constituency MSPs all of whom represent the SNP, of course. And I would encourage readers to take heart from the equal pay campaign and ask their local MSPs what they have to say on the matter - including Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who represents Glasgow Southside constituency. I've posted their contact details below in the post dated 13/01/19.      Hypocrisy Over Public Sector Pay (30/01/19) The BBC reports that the Scottish council employers, via COSLA, have made an improved pay offer to school teachers worth 9% to April 2019 and a further 3% in April 2020. Compare that to the three year offer to the rest of the council wo