Monday, 4 May 2020

Goings On In Govanhill

Everyone is entitled to express their own opinions - it's a free country after all and these days it's on social media where most of us choose to have our say, on matters big and small.

But if you ask me, even on social media, it's still important to remember your manners and show respect, especially if you are in a position of some responsibility or influence.

So how do you explain this ugly Facebook comment by the organisation 'Govanhill Go', a group that says its aim is to "share positive things happening in the  Govanhill area past. present and future". 

Now the comment was sent on Friday to 'journostacey', Stacey Mullen, a journalist at the Glasgow Evening Times which has asked readers to nominate 'key workers' who have helped keep essential services going during the Coronavirus pandemic.

A worthy campaign and good cause, but the encouragement to 'research' a particular nominee was directed at Elizabeth Crosbie a Home Carer from Govanhill, whose name was put forward by her daughter.

Now why in the world would anyone do something so nasty and spiteful, particularly as it makes themself look really bad while bringing Govanhill Go itself into disrepute?

But whatever the reason if you ask me, Govanhill Go definitely owe Elizabeth Crosbie and her daughter a fulsome apology.