Saturday, 2 May 2020

Family Photos and Roxy Music

Now here's someone I haven't laid eyes on in a very long time - my cousin Angela from Peterhead, the youngest daughter of my Uncle Edmund and Aunt Janet.

My uncle Edmund moved to Peterhead after serving in the Second World War as it was impossible to go back and live in the family 'single end' home in Glasgow's Possilpark.

So Edmund set off to Peterhead on Scotland's north east coast where he raised a family and ended up as the Chief Warden at Peterhead prison.

I remember spending holidays up in Peterhead and that must have been where I first heard the hit song 'Virigina Plain' because whenever Roxy Music's famous track is played Peterhead jumps straight into my mind.


Family Photos (13/04/20)

Here's a photo of my grandmother, Mary Fitzgibbon, with her two oldest children and Edmund and Pat.

My uncle Edmund was the eldest child and four daughters followed after Pat: Kathleen, May, Sheila (my mother) and Nora.

A seventh child (a boy named Joseph) was stillborn, if I remember correctly.

Edmund and Pat both served during the Second World War - Edmund was a real character, full of fun and always brought a smile to your face; Pat was quieter and more reflective, but no less interesting to be with for all that. 


Kevin's Curls (25/04/20)

My uncle Edmund was not the only one in the family with curly hair - here's my brother Kevin at around 18 months who would have given Edmund a run for his money.