Viking Hordes and Queer Theory

Great post on the nonsense of queer theory which claims that the 'Viking hordes' could have been trans and that "queer theory is an important part of archaeology".

Only problem is no one could query or challenge these crazy claims because comments on the article had been turned off.


Alexandra the Great? (February 18, 2022)

Alexander the Great - The Rise of a Legend - Season 1 Complete - Ancient  History - YouTube

Transgender activists are desperately trying to rewrite  history with bonkers claims about Viking hordes being 'trans' - along with famous historical figures such as Joan of Arc.

After writing my post about Attila the Hen a regular reader wondered if Alexander the Great might be next in line? 

I do hope not. 


Attila the Hen (February 14, 2022)

I can hardly wait for some Glasgow trans activist to demand henceforth that Attila the Hun must become known as Attila the Hen!

 Attila the Hun - Death, Quotes & Facts - Biography

BBC Scotland - Mirror Mirror, Series 1, Episode 12, What's your favourite Scottish  slang word?


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