SNP and Barefaced Lies


Here's a leaflet bearing Nicola Sturgeon's signature which appears to claim that the SNP have delivered 'equal pay justice' in Glasgow City Council (GCC). updated

If this really is what the leaflet says (I can't see the full text), I'm afraid the claim is completely false - a barefaced lie.

Because union members in GCC are currently being balloted on strike action over the SNP led council's failure to deliver on its promises over equal pay.

If anyone can scan or send me a photo of this leaflet by email, I'd be much obliged -

Glasgow - More Equal Pay Strikes On The Cards (January 20, 2022)

I understand Glasgow's trade unions are about to ballot their members on strike action in the long-running dispute with the SNP led city council over equal pay.

The call for strike action centres on the council's attempt to tear up the agreement which led to a partial settlement of the dispute in 2019 - and the council's intention to impose inferior settlement terms going forward.

GCC also agreed to introduce new, non-discriminatory pay arrangements by April 2021 but this now looks unlikely to happen before 2024.  

More to follow soon.


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