Learning To Live With Covid

Qué es Ómicron? Cómo se eligen los nombres de las variantes de covid-19 y  por qué se omitió xi | Independent Español

The Queen has caught Covid, but the 96-years-young monarch has very mild symptoms and is expected to make a full recovery having been triple vaccinated.

So it's time we got our lives back - because this has been going on for two years and there's zero risk to unvaccinated, younger age groups.

COVID news live: Boris Johnson announcement today - as scientists write to  'notably silent' Whitty and Vallance | UK News | Sky News

Keep Calm and Carry On - Wikipedia

Omicron, Covid and Herd Immunity (February 20, 2022)

Bill Gates makes an interesting argument that the Omicron variant of Covid 19 is doing more to help build up 'herd immunity' and is having more effect than vaccines.

The case for continuing with Covid restrictions gets weaker by the day.

Scotland and Covid Restrictions (February 15, 2022)


Seems to me there's a real need for a calm, reasoned and non-partisan discussion about the need for ongoing Covid restrictions in Scotland.

Firstly, if face masks and other restrictions are so effective, why did Scotland end up as the Covid capital of Europe in August/September 2021?  

Secondly, there is an argument for encouraging the spread of Covid in the spring of 2022 as the symptoms of Omicron are so mild and this may help build up 'herd immunity'. 

Thirdly, our neighbours in the UK (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) and in Europe (eg Norway) are pushing ahead, getting their economies moving and trying to get their lives back on track.

So Much For The Sturgeon Tsunami! (January 20, 2022)

All this talk about wearing face masks into the spring and summer sounds like a whole load of old baloney - just like the dire predictions of a Covid tsunami sweeping through Scotland in the New Year.

Learning To Live With Covid (January 10, 2022)

 Qué es Ómicron? Cómo se eligen los nombres de las variantes de covid-19 y  por qué se omitió xi | Independent Español

I came down with the Covid lurgy just after Xmas, but the symptoms were no worse that a bad cold - no doubt due to the three doses of vaccine I had in 2021.

So there's no doubt in my mind that we have to start living with the virus and getting on with out lives again. 


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