Scottish Ministers, Lobbying Groups and Public Money

SNP ministers fund Stonewall with lots of public money - even though Stonewall is already a powerful, well-resourced lobbying group. 

The way things work is that Stonewall gets privileged access to Scottish Ministers and, surprise surprise, subsequent Scottish Government policy begins to align itself closely with the policies of Stonewall.

For example, by removing the word 'mother' from the Scottish Government's maternity policy - see post below from 26 November 2021.

Does this strike anyone else as very odd and in urgent need of independent investigation, as a follow up to the eye-opening BBC series Nolan Investigates Stonewall

Secrecy, Stonewall and Scottish Ministers (November 26, 2021)

Stonewall are now trying to say this didn't happen, but here's a great tweet from David Thompson exposing the fact that Stonewall did pressurise Scottish Ministers into removing the word 'mother' from their maternity policy.

No wonder the Scottish Government are trying to keep their dealings with Stonewall secret and under wraps.



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