Monday, 21 January 2019

Party On, Dudes!

I've had lots of lovely messages from readers ever since the big news about Glasgow was announced and one suggestion that keeps coming up is:

"How about organising an event to celebrate our success?"

Now as everyone knows Glaswegians love to party, especially Glasgow women and if you ask me, here are some absolute essentials for a great night out.

Lively, fun-loving guests - done!
A good venue - to be confirmed (tbc)
Music and dancing - with a DJ? (tbc)
Karaoke - with some 'star' turns (tbc)
A well run bar - licensed, of course (tbc) 
Food - might be tough, but go for it! (tbc)

So if readers have any ideas, do please drop me a note at - - because I am going to start making enquiries on these various fronts.

I am also going to propose some singers and topical songs for the Karaoke session which should be hilarious, so join in the fun with your own suggestions - the more outrageous the better!