Monday, 21 January 2019

I Belong to Glasgow

My first suggestion for the Karaoke part of Glasgow's big Equal Pay Night Out (details to be confirmed) has to do with my friend and colleague Stefan Cross who, as everyone knows, has recently been acclaimed as an 'honorary' Glaswegian.

So what could possibly be better than Stefan treating us to a rousing rendition of the old classic 'I Belong to Glasgow' - a song which has been murdered on many an occasion, as I can testify personally from family gatherings in my youth.

I see from Facebook that some folk are keen for Stefan to wear a kilt to Glasgow's big night out and I have to admit this would make the evening even more splendid.

If I remember correctly (from the October 2018 strike), one intrepid claimant even offered Stefan a 'rub down' with a hot pie which sounds like a great party piece even though I've never ventured there myself, sadly.

I've got loads more outrageous ideas for the Karaoke, but do please drop me a note with you own suggestions and I'll share them on the blog site -


Glasgow - Hot Pie Rub Down (28/10/18)

I laughed my head off at some of the comments Glasgow claimants made in response to Stefan's interview in The Times.

More to follow shortly, but this particular one caught my eye:

I'd still give u a free bed bath or a rub down wi a hot pie xxx

I might just have to give Stefan's wife, Alison, a ring to explain that a 'hot pie' is a famous Glasgow delicacy and that her man will be perfectly safe when he visits next week.