Monday, 28 January 2019

Kilts and Fast Cars

I've warned Stefan that if he wears a kilt to Glasgow's big equal pay party (details to be confirmed), he might just need to fight the ladies off with a stick - especially if he arrives at the event in a 'fast car'. 



Fast Car and Fast Cars (26/01/19)

Here's a great and topical song song by Tracy Chapman - Fast Car.

Chill people - haters gonna hate, but where have they been for the past 12 years?


Haters Gonna Hate! (26/01/19)

Stefan says that he's about to be attacked by one of the Sunday newspapers over his love of fast cars.

You've got to wonder where these guys have been for the past 12 years while the fight for equal pay has been raging in Glasgow City Council - have they been exposing the failings of the WPBR or the huge pay gap between male and female jobs?

Of course not, but now they seem keen to criticise the person who has stood by Glasgow's equal pay claimants through thick and thin.

By the way, I don't share Stefan's love of fast cars and if any journalists out there are interested, here's a photo of the old banger I've been driving around in for years - waiting for this Glasgow business to come to an end.



As we expected it looks like now the deals nearly done some folk are briefing newspapers about how much A4ES is going to be paid. They also seem a little obsessed about my love of fast cars.

I’ll comment on the story when it comes out on Sunday but just for a bit of fun here’s picture of me in one of the cars I used to have. This is a Ferrari 458 spider. Alison didn’t really like it. She thought it was a bit too flashy. So I’ve changed it to a pretty blue Ferrari California T but couldn’t find a picture of me in that one. So this will have to do.