Monday, 28 January 2019

Get A Move On!

I wonder if Kenny MacAskill now regrets calling for Police Scotland to 'Get a move on!' in their investigation  into allegations of misconduct against the former first minister Alex Salmond.

Better still, maybe the former justice secretary has decided that a period of self-imposed silence would be in order and to keep his nose out of business where it doesn't belong.


Scotland's Largest Council (06/01/19)

A well-known public figure has spoken out about the length of time a prominent public body is taking to investigate alleged wrongdoing.

But never fear, dear readers, it's not one of Glasgow's politicians demanding to know why Glasgow City Council is taking so long to investigate and report back on the foreign trips and expenses claims of its senior officials.

No, I'm afraid it's not.

Instead it's the former SNP MSP and Scottish Parliament justice secretary, Kenny MacAskill banging on about Police Scotland and the Alex Salmond affair.

In an article for The Scotsman, Kenny MacAskill urged Police Scotland to complete its inquiries quickly after the Scottish government was forced to admit that it failed to follow a fair procedure while investigating complaints of sexual harassment against the former first minister:

“The saga remains in limbo but it should be [a] cue for Police Scotland to speed up their investigation.

“The sooner the police file their report into the allegations that were referred to them and cease crawling all over the former first minister’s entire life history the better. As the opposition are prone to saying, they should get back to the day job.”

So there you are, readers, but who knows maybe one of Glasgow's serving Councillors, MSPs or MPs will take a leaf out of Kenny MacAskill's book?

By asking some awkward questions about why the Council's investigation has been moving at the 'speed of a glacier' for so many months even though there appears to be legitimate cause for concern.