Friday, 25 January 2019

Glasgow Equal Pay Update

Just a quick post to say that the Claimants Side has agreed to issue joint advice on a variety of topical Question and Answer (Q&A) issues.

For the simple reason that everybody doing their own thing might lead to confusion or mixed messages, if important issues are explained slightly differently - or even with a slightly different emphasis.

Now I think this is a good thing, I have to say, even if it takes a little longer for the Q&A information to reach everyone.

I'll share the details on the blog asap and no doubt more Q&A material can be produced, as the settlement process continues in the weeks ahead.

In the meantime, please resist the temptation to contact the A4ES office with anything other than very urgent enquiries.

Karl and his team are up to their ears in important work, as you can imagine, and there is plenty of time to deal with non-urgent issues such as 'a change address' or 'hours of work' etc etc. 

Have a great weekend!