Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Breaking News!

Stefan Cross shared some important news on Facebook earlier today advising everyone that tomorrow is the last day for registering equal pay claims with Glasgow City Council.

So tomorrow - Wednesday 23 January 2019 - is Deadline Day and here's a link to the A4ES web site where any last minute claims can be registered online: www.a4es.co.uk


A4ES - Checking Your Details


Lots of readers from Glasgow have been in touch recently to check on the status of their equal pay claims with Action 4 Equality Scotland (A4ES) and/or to update their personal details on the A4ES records system.

You can now check things for yourself and update your personal details, as necessary, via the following link to the A4ES web site: www.a4es.co.uk
Click the  button on the Home page. You will be prompted to enter your National insurance Number (NI No:) and Password (Please note that neither your NI No: or Password can include any spaces, in addition you Password is case sensitive so you will need to enter the correct capital and lower case letters. 

If you do not know your password you can click the Forgotten Password link, this will prompt you for your NI No: Complete this field and select the Reset Password Button. You will then be sent an email with your password to the email address we have on record for you. (Please make sure to check your junk or spam emails if you have not received the email)

If your personal records need updating, you can either send us an email to: enquiries@action4equality.co.uk or you can select the edit button and advise of the amendments you wish to make.


We met with the council and although the MOU is not yet complete they have asked us to stop taking new claims.

Our position was that we do not want any retrospective cut off dates as that is not fair. The council has not confirmed that they agree that so there might still be a row to come.

But they are entitled to finality in this settlement round so all the claimant groups agreed that we would stop taking new claims provided we could publicise that position.

It is the last possible date for any claims to be included in the settlement process. Any claims submitted after that date will not form part of the settlement and we will not submit new claims until July 2019 - this is called a “pause period” to enable everyone to focus on the settlement process with June 2019 the target date for offers of settlement.

A couple of caveats. One - we do not know the date to which the council will make payments - it is going to be between 31st March 2017 and 31st March 2018. So if its ‘17 and you put in claim now the payment would be either jan 2014 to march 17 or march 18. Any date after that is held over until 2021 when there will be fresh settlement talks following the JES and new pay structure.

Second Caveat - The Council hasn’t agreed that all claims submitted between November 18 and now will be included. So there is still a risk that claims submitted in that period may have to wait until 2021. We have strongly urged the council not to do this. So the deal is not yet done.

This applies to all claimant groups - they will all be putting out similar messages today.

I hope that is clear.

Anyone who wishes to beat the deadline can go to www.a4es.co.uk

We will be taking down the application form when the deadline expires.

Weirdly that might have been the last full negotiation meeting. Let’s hope so.

Stefan Cross