Friday, 18 January 2019

Glasgow's Fight for Equal Pay

Here's a message from Stefan Cross on the fight for equal pay in Glasgow City Council.

I'm sure as the weeks go by there will be lots of inspiring stories to share about how this long struggle has changed people's lives for the better.



Some folk have questioned my motives in carrying on this fight for so long. Accusing me of just doing it for the money.

They could not be more wrong. But last night I got this message from one client :

‘Words fail me Stefan. What you've done for the women (and men) of Glasgow is unbelievable. What this means to us is beyond words. For me it means I can quit my 2nd job that sometimes sees me working 7 days a week and takes me away from my kids. It means I can resume my studies and make a better life for me and and my family. It means i get my life back. I know there is still a way to go but we are all so close. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, to you and your entire team! 😁’

This is why I did it. To change women’s lives. The money is just a means to an end. 

I hope that when you get your cheques many more of you will have stories like this.

Stefan Cross