Sunday, 6 January 2019

Corbyn's Out of Step (22/12/18)

I've regarded Jeremy Corbyn as deluded for a long time, but now it's official - because when it comes to Brexit the Labour leader really does regard himself as 'bigger' than the party and party members he purports to lead.

Read The Guardian's exclusive article via the link below.

Corbyn: Brexit would go ahead even if Labour won snap election

Exclusive: opposition leader says he would go to Brussels to secure better deal if he was PM

By Heather Stewart - The Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn has defiantly restated Labour’s policy of leading Britain out of the European Union with a refashioned Brexit deal, shrugging off intense pressure from Labour MPs and activists for the party to throw its weight behind a second referendum.

Cows, Arses, Banjos - and Corbyn (08/12/18)

Here's something readers may want to consider as a last minute Xmas gift - a Jeremy Corbyn doll. 

Now I'm not a fan of Jeremy, as regular readers know, because I doubt the Labour leader's ability to hit a cow on the arse with a banjo.

But don't take my word for it, here's The Herald's political editor Michael Settle opining about Jezza's latest performance at Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) in the House of Commons: 

"Remarkably [or not,] Jezza decided, after the most crushing day for a sitting government in living memory, he would refrain from mentioning the subject of its agony: Brexit.

"While his chosen subject of fighting poverty was undoubtedly a commendable one, it was hard not to think that the chief comrade, nice chap that he is, does not have the capacity to go for the political jugular.

"Just hours after the head girl’s humiliation, one could almost hear Labour eyes rolling in their owners' heads as their chief banged on about…Universal Credit."

Michael Settle

But who knows, maybe a Jezza doll might be a big hit at Christmas though I suspect only for mad Brexit supporters.


Labour Leader on Brexit (19/11/18)

Lots of people on Twitter have shared the latest piece of nonsense from the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who is out of step with his own party over Brexit.

Sophy Ridge (Sky News): “How would you vote in a second referendum?”

Jeremy Corbyn:
 “I don’t know how I would vote, what the options would be at that time.”

God above - the pantomime season's started early this year!


Demand a People's Vote! (18/11/18)

Hugo Rifkind managed to explain Jeremy Corbyn's mad Brexit policy in his Times diary column at the weekend.

Jeremy Corbyn
Rather than a second referendum, we want an election. Which is why, even if you do want a second referendum, you should vote for us. Even though you won’t get one, because that’s not our policy, even though our conference voted that it was. Yes it does make sense. Yes it does. Go away. I hate you. It’s my day in lieu.

Yes, I'm afraid to say it really is that bad - even the Prime Minister agrees that Brexit can be stopped, yet Jeremy Corbyn continues to defy the clear will of Labour Party members with his stubborn insistence that Brexit is inevitable.


Westminster Live! (15/11/18)

The Telegraph's political sketch writer Michael Deacon reports live from the House of Commons:


Where we are now: 

* Theresa May has publicly said Brexit can be stopped 

* Jeremy Corbyn has publicly said Brexit can't be stopped

The issue cannot be left to a handful of MPs at Westminster -  demand a democratic People's Vote on the final terms of Brexit!


Corbyn - Beyond Useless (14/11/18)

I enjoyed the following Twitter comments which, in their different ways, highlight how useless Jeremy Corbyn is on the single biggest issue of our time - Brexit.

Emily Benn
A Conservative Transport Minster (Jo Johnson) is showing more leadership on the defining issue of our political times, than the Leader of the Opposition

Will Hutton
With Johnson’s resignation there is a potential Commons majority for a PeoplesVote. The biggest roadblock is Jeremy Corbyn and his pro/Brexit kitchen cabinet. This is as existential for Labour as it is for the Tories.

Ben on Twitter @Jamin2g
Labour conference: Nothing is off the table, including a referendum with the option to Remain.

*two months later* 

Jeremy Corbyn: We can’t stop Brexit.