Why Women Demand Single Sex Spaces

Jennifer Gingrich gives Nick4utah a piece of her mind and a lesson in why women demand single sex spaces. 

Nick's claim that men taking part in women's sport "doesn't matter" is laughably stupid and ill-informed, of course.

FINA (the world body for swimming), for example, has taken a stand in favour of fair competition with its decision to ban male bodied swimmers from taking part in women's events.  

Sporting Values, Common Sense and Trans Bans (June 21, 2022)

Male bodied competitors have no place in women's sport and it seems that swimming's world governing body (FINA) has taken a stand for sporting values and common sense.

Every Picture Tells A Story! (May 21, 2022)

The camera never lies, so they say, and in this case reveals the absurdity of claiming that men and male bodies do not have a huge, unfair physical advantage in women's sports.  


Can You Spot the Women Swimmers, Owen Jones? (April 04, 2022)

Only a 'terminally disingenuous' person could fail to agree that male bodied competitors have a tremendous physical advantage, if they take part in women's sport.

Sharron Davies makes a simple, yet hugely effective, point with her 'Spot the Women Swimmers' challenge.


What Is A Woman? - An Infantile Leftist Perspective (April 02, 2022)

Owen Jones uses April Fool's day to say not very much at all about what makes a woman or a man, but Debbie Hayton comes to the rescue with a helpful edit of his tweet.  


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