Manky Mattresses Make Glasgow

If 'People Make Glasgow', then so do manky mattresses I'm afraid to say. 

Because there's been a surge of mattress dumping on the streets off Woodlands Road - eg Arlington Street, West End Park Street and Rupert Street.

Now if only there were a 24/7 Council hotline number, for local people to report the 'dumb dumpers'!

Glasgow, Manky Mattresses and Anti-Social Behaviour (July 08, 2022)

Just the other day - dumped household rubbish blocking the public footpath on Arlington Street, complete with not one but manky mattresses.

Next thing you know the same thing happens round the corner in Woodlands Road.

Enforcement isn't easy I know, but maybe Glasgow Council should consider rewarding any publicly spirited citizens who report and help catch the anti-social morons who behave in this way?

After all everyone has a mobile phone with a camera these days. 


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