Whistleblowers, Tavistock and Children's Safety


Dr David Bell was victimised for speaking out about the Tavistock clinic and its reckless disregard for children's safety and well bing. 

I take my hat off to him - how good must he feel today!


Dr David Bell (April 07, 2022)

Dr David Bell has featured on the blog previously and since his whistleblowing efforts an independent report by Dr Hilary Cass concluded that the Tavistock gender clinic is "not a safe or viable long-term option in view of concerns about lack of peer review and the ability to respond to increasing demand".


Victimised For Whistleblowing (May 02, 2021)

Here's an excellent article from The Observer which tells the story of a doctor, David Bell, who dared to question and challenge the practice of prescribing puberty blockers to children receiving treatment for gender identity issues at the Tavistock clinic in London.


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