Glasgow - Gets Tough With The Fly-Tippers

I say SNP led Glasgow Council is in denial over the filthy state of the city's streets and public spaces.

If publicly spirited citizens (like me) spot fly-tippers, or 'dumb dumpers' as GCC calls them, we're urged to call the following 24/7 hotline number - 0845 230 4090

Thing is when you ring the Council hotline you get a recorded message which says:

"You've dialled an incorrect number, please check the number and try again."

So has the Council put its very best people on the job or is the SNP leadership just having a laugh?


Glasgow City Council - A Poor Show (June 07, 2022)

Glasgow City Council is all bark and no bite when it comes to fly-tipping, as this recent photo from Elderslie Street shows.

The 'No Fly Tipping' warning is not taken seriously because similar scenes occur all across Glasgow on a daily basis.

What's needed is imagination, leadership, resources and an all-party, city-wide campaign to help clean up the city.

Yet after the latest Scottish Government spending review Glasgow faces a barrage of year-on-year cuts to the city council's already overstretched budget. 

Council Services Bear The Brunt (June 06, 2022)

Torcuil Crichton's tweet highlights just how bad things are for Scotland's local council's after the SNP's 2022 spending review.

Council services and jobs face enormous cuts with zero growth in Scottish government grant funding, against a background of very high inflation.  

ScotGov spending on health and welfare benefits has increased significantly since 2020 and ministers intend to  protect these areas going forwards.

Interestingly, SNP ministers are not proposing to use the Scottish Parliament's tax raising powers to bridge the spending gap.      Image


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