Ain't No Such Thing As..........'Father's Milk'

The latest attempt to hijack the English language focuses on men not women for a change and hot off the press comes the suggestion is that we should all start using the term 'father's milk' in the name of inclusiveness.

Gender Ideology and 'Chestfeeding' (May 21, 2021)

Edie Wyatt tackles the ideology of the 'sex vs gender' debate by writing very powerfully about her own experience of becoming a mother:

"Gender has become Frankenstein’s monster as it has taken on distorted and confusing legal and cultural meanings. The idea that woman is not a biological entity, a sexed body, but an identity that can fit any kind of body, and that bodies have to conform to, is permitting disturbing mainstreaming of fetishization and disgust of the natural forms and processes of the female body."

Well worth a read and you can access the full article via the tweet below:


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