What's the difference between Patrick Grady, Derek Mackay, John Swinney and Christina McKelvie?


Riddle me this, Twitter!

Q. What's the difference between Derek Mackay, Patrick Grady, John Swinney and Christina McKelvie?

A. None

Derek Mackay resigned after sending inappropriate texts to a young teenager - even though the texts were 'personal'.


Patrick Grady was exposed as a sex pest after sexually harassing a young teenage SNP staff member - the fact this incident took place during a 'personal' or social visit to the pub made no difference and rightly so.

John Swinney and Christina McKelvie shared bare-faced lies about Ukrainian refugees on social media - yet the  behaviour of the two ministers is excused because they used 'personal' Twitter accounts.

The only conclusion to draw is that Nicola Sturgeon is a terrible hypocrite for allowing John Swinney and Christina McKelvie to hide behind a bogus defence, as if a personal tweet is any different from Derek Mackay's texts.

The Patrick Grady incident was ignored by the SNP hierarchy for years, of course, and was only taken seriously after the victim complained directly to the Westminster authorities.



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