Glasgow, Public Money and Local Decision Making

I wrote to my three local councillors (by email) regarding money which has become available to fund local infrastructure projects across Glasgow. 

Now as far as I can make out this is not new or extra money at all, but funds already included in the GCC budget from earlier this year.

Anyway, I had a mixed response from my councillors - one responded quickly and provided a link to a council report and other background papers, the second responded after a chase-up reminder email, the third hasn't had the courtesy to respond at all.

But a much bigger problem is that there is no proper process in place for consulting the local community - or for sharing information about suggestions from different parts of this local council ward.

So who decides what is a 'winning proposal' especially as the local Community Council for this area doesn't meet till  September and the closing date for consultation is 22 July 2022?

The whole thing seems thrown together and without much planning aforethought, but I'll keep people posted on what happens next. 

Dear Cllrs (x3)

Local Consultation On Glasgow Infrastructure Improvements

I enclose a recent post to my blog site regarding the SNP's pre-election pledge to spend an extra £1 million on local infrastructure improvements in every council ward across Glasgow.

Can you confirm if this spending pledge has been adopted by the new council administration and the timescale for implementing these improvements?

Can you also confirm how local people in this council ward, for example, will be consulted over the best way to spend these new funds?

I look forward to hearing from you soon and I would be grateful if you can respond by email to:

Kind regards

Mark Irvine 

Spending Public Money In Glasgow (June 11, 2022)

I received a local election leaflet from the SNP back in April which included the following spending commitment:

"We will deliver £1 million of investment for each and every ward for communities to spend on local infrastructure improvements like roads and pavements."

Now I doubt £1 million will go very far, but an extra £23 million across Glasgow (there are 23 council wards) is not to be sniffed at - it's more than the budgeted cost of IndyRef2, for example.

So what I'd like to know is how will Glaswegians be consulted on how to spend these new funds in our local wards and communities?

I think I shall email my local councillors to see what light they can throw on the subject.

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