First Minister, The Sunday Post and 'A Shameful Silence'

The First Minister used her personal Twitter account yesterday to say that David Goodwillie going back to Clyde FC is as wrong as the player signing for Raith Rovers.

The Sunday Post reminded us recently that the First Minister failed to support the campaign have Goodwillie sacked from Clyde Football Club in 2017 - yet all three opposition leaders at Holyrood backed the Sunday Post at the time.

Not a good look, First Minister, because this is about justice - not about virtue signalling on social media.


A Shameful Silence (February 08, 2022)

The Sunday Post is an excellent campaigning newspaper these days and the paper certainly doesn't pull its punches over Nicola Sturgeon and the David Goodwillie affair. 

Marion Scott reminds Sunday Post readers that the First Minister failed to support its campaign to have Goodwillie  sacked from Clyde Football Club in 2017 - and for prosecutors to explain why the criminal case against the player was dropped in 2011.

The leaders of all three opposition parties at Holyrood backed the Sunday Post at the time, but the First Minister did not speak out until Goodwillie's move to Raith Rovers hit the headlines.

Denise Clair, speaking publicly for the first time since Raith Rovers provoked outrage by signing the unrepentant player, said the outcry last week was justified but came many years too late.

“I have to ask why it has taken so long for people to stand up and say all the things that are now being said? This is about more than him, it is about sexism and misogyny and women being listened to and having their voices heard."

A shameful silence indeed and the Scottish Parliament should now be demanding answers as to why the case was abruptly dropped because this is about justice - rather than headlines for the First Minister.


Party leaders pile pressure on club directors over David Goodwillie while MSP calls on local authority to act

By Marion Scott - The Sunday Post
David Goodwillie in action for Clyde FC (Andrew Cawley / DC Thomson)

PARTY leaders were united as they urged Clyde FC to stop playing rapist David Goodwillie.

The Scottish Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem leaders spoke out as an MSP called on North Lanarkshire Council – which owns Clyde’s Broadwood Stadium – to ban the striker from playing there.

The club’s directors have failed to make any sanction against the striker since his failed appeal against a court judgement that branded him a rapist. 

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