Covid, Masks and Ministers

I was in Glasgow city centre on Saturday evening - the town was jumping, the bars were completely packed and hardly anyone was wearing a face mask. 

So there seems little point in having tighter Covid restrictions in place in Scotland, especially as we have a far higher rate of Covid than other parts of the UK - where masks were ditched long ago.

Maybe Scottish ministers would like to explain why their face mask policy is having no beneficial effect?

Team Sturgeon - Desperate To Be Different (March 16, 2022)

Nicola Sturgeon's desperation to be seen to be different from other parts of the UK is completely ridiculous given that Scotland's cases are higher than everywhere else!


Team Sturgeon and the Riddle of Scotland's Covid Figures (March 09, 2022)

Scottish Ministers are only interested in comparative Covid figures if they show Scotland in a better light than other parts of the UK.

But it would be good to have a sensible discussion about why Scotland's cases are increasing so rapidly even though we have allegedly tougher Covid restrictions, eg compulsory mask wearing, still in place.

Same thing happened in August/September 2021 when  Scotland became the Covid capital of Europe, yet Team Sturgeon shies away from asking tough questions and finding an explanation to this riddle.  

If Face Masks Are So Effective..........? (February 16, 2022)

If face masks and other restrictions are so effective, how come they didn't stop Scotland becoming the Covid capital of Europe in August/September 2021 - when Scotland having much tighter restrictions in place than our UK and European neighbours?



Scotland's Hapless Health Minister (January 19, 2022)

Scotland's hapless health minister, Humza Yousaf, seems to think he can escape his own appalling track record by selectively pointing the finger at how the NHS is doing in other parts of  the UK.

Humza couldn't use this tactic when Scotland become the Covid capital of Europe in August/September 2021 as cases went through the roof under his watch despite much tighter Covid restrictions being in place. 


Scotland, Covid and Face Masks (December 14, 2021)

I don't have any problem wearing a face mask.

I don't think it's anything like living in Nazi Germany and I have been following the rules closely from Day One - more than most I suspect.

But I have questions.

For example, if face masks are so effective why did Covid cases in Scotland go through the roof in August and September when Scotland became the Covid capital of Europe?

Cases in England, for example, did not get out of control as they did in Scotland, yet our English neighbours did not have a face mask mandate in place so you would think their experience would have been worse.

Likewise with Omicron, the latest Covid variant of concern - Scotland has many more cases (per head of population) than other parts of the UK, so why are face masks not slowing the spread?

I do hope someone will put these points to Scotland's politicians and Covid advisers.

Scotland on the Map (June 29, 2021)


Scotland is now the Covid capital of Europe and the alarming increase in cases has coincided with Nicola Sturgeon's shameless attempts to curry favour with the 'tartan army' during the Euro football finals - and Humza Yousaf's appointment as health minister.


Scotland, Covid and Football (June 28, 2021)

Nicola Sturgeon's efforts to project herself as Scotland's cheerleader-in-chief during the Euro football finals has been at the expense of serious pubic health message about the need for us all to remain cautious and careful over Covid.

A terrible own goal. 


Messiah Complex - Me, Me, Me, Me Me! (June 16, 2021)


Nicola Sturgeon seems to think these big sporting events are about her, the Scottish Government and/or the SNP.

Mind you what another stroke of good fortune to have a snapper on hand to capture the moment for posterity!  


Lucky Snaps (June 15, 2021)

How fortunate there was a photographer passing at just the the right time to capture this spontaneous snap of the First Minister glued to Scotland vs Czech Republic in the Euro Finals. 

Next thing they'll be telling us is Nicola really enjoys watching football.


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