There Are No 'Cis' People

'Cissexism' and You - an excellent post which explains that the term Cis, like Terf, is just a cynical attempt to hijack and distort the English language.

I will never refer to any non-trans person as ‘cis.’ I will not demand anyone refer to themselves as “cis.” “Cis” is not an identity. It is not the opposite of trans. It is an Orwellian silencing tactic. It is male entitlement wrapped in a frock. 
If someone refers to you as ‘cis,’ if someone insists you label yourself as such, think about what they are asking.Think about how they are trying to define you. You do not have to bear a label, because transwomen are uncomfortable with themselves. You do not have to wear an identity someone else has handed you.


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