Glasgow's Fight For Equal Pay - Fine Words Butter No Parsnips

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The word on the street is that Glasgow City Council is beginning to shift its position over the strike in support of equal pay which is due to go ahead next week - Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 March 2022.

Now if the council is finally acknowledging the 'elephant in the room' and its growing equal pay debt mountain that has to be a good thing.

But, as the old saying goes, 'fine words butter no parsnips' so a number of key tests need to be met otherwise the strike is bound to go ahead: 

1) Does any new settlement offer cover all claimants and all outstanding cases?

If not, it is divisive and unfair - and bound to be rejected

2) Does any new settlement offer cover at least the period from April 2018 to April 2022?

If not, Glasgow's 4 year equal pay 'debt mountain' will continue to grow and spiral out of control

3) How much is any new settlement offer worth - what is the cost to the council?

The claimants need to understand the collective value of any settlement to ensure they are not being offered a 'pig in a poke'

4) How is any new settlement offer being funded and where is the money coming from - given the council's previous insistence that its coffers are empty?  

'Show us the money! - the claimants need to know that any new offer is secure and is not subject to further negotiation or agreement from third parties.

So let's hope Glasgow City Council is coming to its senses though it's worth pointing out that, yet again, the prospect of strike action has forced the council to get serious which is, of course, exactly what happened back in October 2019.

SHOW ME THE MONEY. Remember the scene in Jerry Maguire… | by Anand | Medium

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