Ministers For Bloated Government

While Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater pontificate about trans rights it's worth remembering the jobs of these two Green ministers were created out of thin air - both were awarded £100,000 salaries and cost the public purse  £250,000 or so in additional expenses.

Yet both keep banging on about the need for Green policies to reduce waste and cut unnecessary spending.

Minister for Bloated Government March 12, 2022

Scottish Minister whose jobs was created out of thin air and at unnecessary public expense complains about waste.

Meanwhile Argyll & Bute Council dumps lots of unused and unwanted Gaelic books.

Piss up and brewery are the words that spring to mind.


Job Creation and Bloated Government (January 26, 2022)


The Scottish Government now comprises of no less than 27 ministers who are paid a minimum salary of £98,045 (plus pensions benefits) up to the First Minister's salary of £163,229 (plus pension benefits).

25 are drawn from the SNP's 64 MSPs at Holyrood and an extra 2 were invented recently for Green MSPs - jobs which never existed previously and were created out of thin air in September 2021. 

Green Non-Jobs Created (January 24, 2022)

Local Job Creation:

Since writing my original post the basic salaries of Scotland's two new Green ministers has grown to £98,045 - a pay rise of 3.4% or an extra £3,224 a year excluding pension benefits. 

Not bad for two non-jobs which were previously done by other Scottish Ministers and makes you wonder why the Green Minister for the Circular Economy is being quoted in this ScotGov statement on trans health care?

Scottish Government Minister and Scottish Green Party Co-Leader Lorna Slater said:

“Lengthy waiting times for trans people has a serious impact on their mental health. Protecting their right to essential healthcare is a vital part of our commitment to advancing equality for LGBTI people.

"This framework will improve services for a community that is often marginalised. We must continue to include the voices and expertise of trans people, as well as clinicians, academics, NHS Boards and LGBTI organisations in the work to improve these services.”


New Green Non-Jobs Created (September 02, 2021)

Local Job Creation:

If a job's title leaves you scratching your head as to what it's all about, chances are the job is completely made up, as in the case of Scotland's two new Green ministers who are paid salaries of £94,821 a year - plus pension benefits. 

How did the Scottish government manage these areas prior to creating two new ministerial posts? 

Well they were carried out by other ministers, of course, whose salaries stay the same - even though they no longer have responsibility for the Circular Economy, for example.




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