Didn't They Do Well! - Glasgow Strike Ballots

Both Unison and the GMB have delivered resounding votes for strike action in support of the long-running dispute with Glasgow City Council over equal pay.

96% of Unison members voted for strike action on a turnout of 52.5%.

YES votes 4,446

NO votes 164

So the scene is now set for a series of major strikes to take place over the next few months - unless the SNP led council gets serious and agrees to negotiate a comprehensive settlement covering all claimants.

A piecemeal deal won't do - the only sensible and 'just' way forward is to agree a further settlement for all claimants covering the period up to April 2022.  

In which case a final settlement would run from April 2022 to April 2024, for example, by which time the long-awaited non-discriminatory pay arrangements should finally be in place, albeit three years later than promised.

GCC is trying to 'cherry pick' elements of the 2019 agreement (which covered the period up to April 2018), but there is no justification for excluding large groups of pre-2018 claimants because this is a trap - and would be used to exclude even more people going forward.


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