Trans Biology For Dummies

I'm so glad that someone from a medical background has finally stepped in to explain how this make-believe nonsense works.

Turns out to be a load of balls!


Can A Man Give Birth Through His Penis? (May 02, 2022)

The answer to this question is obviously 'No', but Scotland's First Minister is encouraging people to believe such nonsense with her refusal to discuss basic issues regarding human biology and anatomy.


Scottish Ministers Have Encouraged This Nonsense (April 29, 2022)

Scotland's Napier University is supposed to be a place of education and learning - yet midwifery students were taught that men could become pregnant and given advice on how to catheterise 'birthing people' with penises. 

Now this is sheer madness and it all stems from folk trying to turn reality on its head - including SNP ministers who were persuaded by Stonewall to erase the word 'mother' from the Scottish Government's maternity policy.


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