Sex Pests, Crowd Funders and the SNP

I'm pleased to say there's been lots of interest in my tweet about organising a crowd funder, if things turn nasty in the ongoing dispute between the young SNP staff member and the 'zero tolerance' party leadership.

Now I'm not directly involved in what's going on behind the scenes, but it's good to know that the public will respond if needs be.  

SNP - Who's Up For A Crowd Funder? (July 08, 2022)

First, the SNP threatened its MPs with reprisals after party leaders were caught out by an embarrassing leak which made the SNP look hypocritical for rallying round an acknowledged sex pest.

Now the SNP hierarchy is threatening the to punish the victim for defending his corner and reputation against the might of the party machine.

I hope the young staff member is getting good advice and support because it's certainly not coming from the SNP itself.

If push comes to shove, who's up for a crowd funder? 

World Leaders In Digging Holes (June 21, 2022)

The MP who leaked the recording of Ian Blackford and other SNP MPs mounting a partisan, one-sided defence of an acknowledged 'sex pest' deserves a medal.

Yet the party leadership seems to have lost its marbles and is threatening SNP MPs with criminal action.

Go figure.

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