Asshole Cyclists and Angry Car Drivers

 Aggressive and Angry Car Driver is Honking Horn for No Reason. Front View  of a Sedan Car and Cyclist on a Bicycle. Stock Vector - Illustration of  bicyclist, cockpit: 235392037

I had encounters with not one but two asshole cyclists in Kelvingrove Park at the weekend.

The kind of morons who come up behind you at high speed and ring their bells furiously, as if you should get out of their way. 

I never do.

Instead I always tell them (sometimes forcibly) slow down around pedestrians, be more considerate and stop behaving like angry car drivers.

Because pedestrians have right of way, of course, and are entitled to the same consideration that cyclists are entitled to expect on our roads. 


Cycling With Safety (July 09, 2022)

I came across this sign in Kelvingrove Park recently  advising cyclists to take extra care and dismount when approaching pedestrians.

If you ask me, this should be the rule in all busy pedestrian areas instead of all these electric bikes and scooters shooting past people at high speeds.

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