Thursday, 9 April 2020

Mixed Messages on Coronavirus

The Daily Record appears to have lost the plot over its coverage of Coronavirus with two separate news reports on Wednesday which are way wide of the target if you ask me. 

The first piece criticises a care home for allowing a wife to visit a dying husband - even though this is within the Scottish Government's safety guidelines. 

Seems to me that a care home, where all the residents are in single rooms, ought to move 'heaven and earth' to enable a close family member to see a loved one who is at the end of their life, even if the person involved has to comply with stringent safety measures. 

So where does the newspaper get off in using an anonymous complainer, a retired nurse (allegedly) who no longer works at the home, to criticise the staff and management for their act of basic human kindness. 

The second piece 'threatens' care home bosses with prison if they don't protect staff and residents which is fair enough.

Yet the article has nothing to say about the problems in securing PPE for thousands of Home Care workers in Glasgow City Council, Scotland's largest council by far, who have been campaigning to wear face masks - both for their own protection and to safeguard their clients.

Scots care home 'allowed wife to visit dying husband' despite 16 coronavirus deaths

The visit happened against the wishes of staff but government guidance allows "end of life" visits despite the lockdown being in place.