Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Trump - Bully, Groper, Buffoon

What a buffoon Donald Trumps for making crass, insensitive joke at the expense of a political opponent during a White House ceremony designed to honour Native American war veterans.

The 'joke' involved a racial slur in which he described a female senator as Pocohontas which is about as dumb as it gets - a bit like using the word 'Paddy' to insult a political rival on St Patrick's.

Here's what another American senator Tom Udall, had to say as the vice chair of the Committee on Indian Affairs: 

“The days when the President of the U.S. was held as a moral authority around the world were over 11 months ago, but at what should have been a solemn ceremony to honor Native veterans, Donald Trump took low even lower.”

Donald Trump: what is wrong with the man - apart from being a buffoon, a groper and a terrible bully?